Paver Cleaning

Commonly, outdoor pavers are constructed using ceramic, sandstone, and concrete. Considering the fact that pavers have such an intricate composition, paver cleaning and maintenance calls for a thorough perusal on the part of a building owner. Situated in an outdoor area, the tiles and stones used in paver endure harsh environmental conditions, which bear adversely on their quality in the long run if left unattended. It does not end with having been laid and regular maintenance becomes an important order of business. Regular Paver Stone Cleaning is key to extending the life of your paver stones. Pavers will get dirty from natural contaminants and weeds and moss will grow in the joint, however paver cleaning from an experienced professional, can kill the weeds and remove any stains to restore the surface of your pavers to like new condition. It’s not uncommon to see sidewalks, walkways or driveways created from pavers and for good reason. Our paver cleaning process involves mechanically deep steam cleaning pavers using specialized equipment that won’t damage the surface of the paver or affect the underlying sand setting bed that your pavers are resting on. Other companies will exclusively use a hi psi pressure washing wand which can expose the aggregate of your pavers and wash out the sand setting bed leaving voids below your pavers that will eventually cause minor settlement throughout your paver surface.